During national women’s small business month, on Saturday, October 19th, I had the opportunity to attend Create and Cultivates first ever small business summit at Hudson Mercantile in New York City. The event was surrounded by delicious snacks and drinks, beautiful decor and a string of many amazing panels of fierce, strong empowering women speaking of what it takes to see your small biz thrive. This conference has left me feeling more inspired and determined than ever. 

Create and Cultivate hosts creative business conferences aimed to empower and inspire female entrepreneurs to accomplish their goals. Attending this conference has allowed me to meet and network with so many extraordinary women. Other than listening to advice of business moguls, participate in workshops, shop the female founded marketplace and eat all day, I got to experience success stories from a diverse panel of female entrepreneurs and influencers such as packed party CEO and founder Jordan Jones, Co-founder of fabfitfun Katie Rosen, New York times #1 best selling author Marie Forleo, Leann Livingston and entrepreneur Sonja Rasula etc.

All the panel speakers were truly inspiring and have very impressive stories. Brand manager at square Leann Livingston taught me that building a community with your customers is so important to the foundation of your business. Customers must be seen, heard and acknowledged. Making customers part of the brand will encourage a sense of community. This experience has confirmed that I have been achieving this goal in my business by creating custom bikinis for my customers allowing them to be part of the journey with me. I have always believed that community involvement is very important.    

My favourite part of the conference was being surrounded by so much creative talent! Women from all kinds of industries coming together to share the truth of starting a business from the challenges and struggles they faced to their accomplishments and success. No matter where you were at the Hudson Mercantile it was filled with an energetic and optimistic atmosphere. 

It made me realize that people should not be afraid of taking risks. When I hear someone like Sonja Rasula say “if you believe in what you’re doing, what you are selling, why wouldn’t you bet on yourself? There will never be a ‘good time’ and there will never be ‘enough money’, so you’ve got to go for it”.  There is never a guarantee of the outcome, however career growth comes along with making mistakes. I learned that you must believe in yourself and success will just follow. 

Create and Cultivate is a long day event but an experience that is definitely worth it, whether you are an entrepreneur with a small business, blogger, influencer, or simply someone looking for some inspiration, then this conference is perfect for you. On my way to the airport Saturday evening, holding on to my new complimentary notebook filled with so many new ideas. I felt more confident and motivated than ever. 

Thank you so much to Schlegel Laurier for giving me the opportunity to attend this amazing event! It has been an incredible experience here in New York City, I have so many new things coming and can not wait to share it all with you!