Our Story

Bikinis By Bridget was created in the summer of 2018 by me, Bridget McCluckie. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a strong love for design and fashion with the desire to be my own boss.

I started this company from the ground up, when a friend mentioned that she had been struggling with finding the perfect bikini. She wanted something that flattered her body and made her feel confident. Since she knew that I could sew she asked me if I could make her a custom bikini.

It all started out in my basement making every individual bikini for every customer with their choice of fabric, colour and style. I made appointments with customers to measure them and make sure the bikini would fit just right, custom made for them. Every customer would recommend my bikinis to their friends and family, and incredibly, just six week later I sold over 150 bikinis. That’s when I realized I should turn my hobby of creating swimwear to help my friends feel confident, into a real business.

Size Guide

Bikini Tops 

Top Fit Bust Size (in) Bust Size (cm) Cup Size 
XS 30-32 76-81 A
S 32-34 81-86 A-B
M 34-36 86-91 B-C
L 36-38 91-96.5 D
XL 38-40 96.5-102 C-DDD/F


Bikini Bottoms 

Bottom Fit Waist Size (in) Waist size (cm) Hips (in) Hips (cm)
XS 23-25 58-63.5 30-32 76-81
S 25-27 63.5-68.5 32-34 81-86
M 27-29 68.5-74 34-36 86-91
L 29-31 74-79 36-39 91-99
XL 31-33 79-84 39-41 99-104


As my company grew, I decided to open a store with my sister called HERmanas which means “sisters” in Spanish. Our store is located in The Kawarthas, a beautiful cottage country, where we carry a variety of clothing pieces and accessories from local vendors in addition to my swimwear line.

Thank you,

I have since been lucky enough to be a part of various runway shows, press releases, and have met some amazing people in the industry. I'm grateful to have created something that is so much more than just a brand but a community with my customers to make them feel empowered, beautiful and confident. I want to encourage other women to do what they love, to follow their dreams and know that no matter who or what stands in your way, you can take the steps to achieve them.